Costumes made/modeled by Yaya between 1999 - now.

Pirate Sheryl - Macross Frontier

Why I chose to make this costume:

I was looking for a cute costume to make for Ikkicon because I had some extra time off during Christmas week, and happened across this awesome artwork piece of Sheryl Nome by mangaka Carnelian. It's of Sheryl as an adorable pirate girl and I just fell in love with the design of the outfit. I happened to have very similar over the knee lace up boots, as well as 2 yards of deep purple Madonna velvet and black leather on hand, so I went on to make this costume.

How I made this costume:

I started out by serging strips of magenta organza together, then hand ruffling the lengths and making a multi-layer ruffle skirt with them. I used the same organza to make the top and scalloped edged ruffle sleeves. I adorned the top and skirt with sequin trim because I thought it would be very Sheryl lol.

The captain's coat was fun and annoying to make. In hindsight I used three of the most difficult to work with fabrics on one garment, what was I thinking? The coat is velvet lined with two-tone taffeta, with all the black leather trim home made and carefully sewn on. I modified a pattern heavily and drafted parts of the coat on myself. It is reinforced with an extra layer of material inside, and boning.

The gold buttons have anchors on them which I thought was cute. I then made the ascot and garter belt, and covered a $5 Halloween felt pirate hat in black pleather left over from another costume. I also happened to have a nice beaded gold trim and purple and lavender feathers to embellish it with. The heart was kind of last minute put together and I may redo it in the near future.

I did find some time to finally make Sheryl's microphone out of a mishmash of materials. Figuring out the braiding was interesting lol.

Thoughts on this costume:

All in all, the costume came together in about 3 days of work and I am pretty happy with it! The colors are so cute together and I love my pirate hat!

Photographer Brent LaVelle, Pete Ortega

Model Yaya Han

Hair & Makeup Yaya Han

Styling Yaya Han

Date Completed 30 December, 2010

Hours Spent 30

Worn At Ikkicon 2010/2011, Sac-Anime 2011, Anime Expo 2011